What Obama Just Did Will Flood Our Public Schools With Millions Of Illegals

Obama is at it again. Making poor decisions that make this country worse off than it is.

This country is a great land, but what Obama is doing is deteriorating the sanctity of what America stands for. And this is never more apparent than with this story right here.

Obama is attempting to have a mass enrollment of illegal immigrants in to American schools.


The White House administration, via a U.S. Department of Education policy document, has sounded an enrollment call to schools across the nation, pressing them to get as many illegals declared official students as possible and reminding them, in no uncertain terms, it’s the law.
What kind of backwards law is that? Why it’s one Obama himself spearheaded.
The students to which the guide refers are part of Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Amnesty program, which grants the rights for certain illegals to stay in America and pursue education goals.
Free education for illegals? Yup. That seems about par for Obama and the worst administration in U.S. history.

(Source: WND)