What Michelle Obama Just Did Will Leave You Speechless. THIS IS AN OUTRAGE!

Michelle Obama, keeping it classy since never.

While terrorists murder innocent civilians in California, our troops put their lives on the line, and American’s are becoming more and more vulnerable to new threats every day, Michelle Obama made a rap video. Yes you read that correctly. Classless and tasteless as always, Mrs. Obama decided to forego doing anything for Americans that worth any value and rap with an SNL star and tries to connect with the youth of America by yapping about math and engineering, not even realizing that she’s alienating nearly 80% of the country that doesn’t like rap even a little bit. Not to mention that she also talks about going to college, which is a luxury for most of us, but she clearly thinks it’s a normalcy, showing her elitism. Watch below and try not to cringe.

Instead of doing this and making a fool out of yourself and our country, maybe focus your efforts on trying to help kids actually understand why they are in poverty and why your husband isn’t doing a damn thing about it. Just a suggestion.

(Source: YouTube)