What Hillary Clinton Said About Gun Owners Will Make Your Blood Boil! DISGUSTING!

Hillary Clinton is at is again.

This time she’s making yet another outrageous, liberal claim. Her target? The NRA. What did she say about them? She said they are no better than Iranians or communists!

Unbelievable. Watch below as she spews complete untruths.

Hillary Clinton had the nerve to compare the NRA to the Iranian negotiations and communists. Well, she would know as she has been in bed with both. Clinton says gun owners should form a new group to belong to – one not so extreme. She basically called the NRA terrorists and those who belong to them tin-foiled hat conspiracy theorists who are waiting for black helicopters to land on their front lawns.


Can someone please get her behind bars? Someone like this shouldn’t be in the race for the presidency at all. I don’t care which party she works for, she is just pure evil.

(Source: Right Wing News)