What Herman Cain Just Said About Trump Will Make You Stand Up And CHEER! OH YEAH!

Herman Cain, you are a smart, smart man.

As the GOP establishment continually tried to take down Trump, more and more are coming to his aid. Herman Cain is one of these people and as a candidate in 2012 and Tea Party activist, Cain knows a thing or two about politics.

Here’s what message he had for the GOP elite that continue to preach Trump is a bad apple.

Trump has received much backlash in the media throughout the duration of his campaign. Most recently he was criticized for refusing to disavow the KKK and its former leader, David Duke.

In an interview with Fox News, Cain said, “I believe that the establishment needs to get over it and just allow the people to speak, and so far 285 delegates — that’s not a fluke.”

“Get over it, establishment,” he said.

Here’s Cain going into a little more detail after Trump’s epic Georgia win:

WOA! That’s a smack down if I’ve ever heard one. What do you think? Did Cain rattle the GOP with this 3 word evisceration? Let’s hear it in the comments!

(Source: Western Journalism)