What Happens When A Republican Pretends To Be A Bernie Supporter? HILARIOUS! OMG!

Steven Crowder is one of the funniest conservative comics in media today. His show, Louder with Crowder attracts a vast range of people, who talk about issues facing conservatives today, and railing against the regressive left. One of the most pressing issues that Crowder attacks is the candidacy of self-awoved democratic socialist Bernie Sanders.

To paint Sanders in a light befitting his insane ideas, Crowder dressed up as a wheelchair-bound formerly-Canadian socialist named Jean-Guy Tremblay and interviewed the thick-headed Bernie supporters, even getting a spot near the front of a Sanders rally. The whole video, entitled “Journey for Bernie” is absolutely hilarious and shows how the stupid leftist ideas for what they really are.

Watch and share as much as you can, it’s seriously awesome:

(Source: YouTube)