What Ben Carson Just Said Could Change The Race In Trump’s Favor! THIS IS HUGE!

Dr. Ben Carson is firmly planted on the Trump side of the fence. Why not? Trump is the strongest candidate and is ready to lead our nation back to the promised land.

Carson went in Fox and Friends recently and had a pretty strong message for the rest of the GOP elite on the topic of a contested convention. You know what? We support Carson 100% in this message. He said that if anything happens to prevent Trump from getting the nomination, if he has the delegates, it could be absolute chaos in the sense that the republicans will lose any control they had at all in the government.

It’s a dire warning, but it’s the truth.

We support Donald Trump, but we also support Dr. Carson in this matter. What he says he makes tons of sense and it’s something the rest of the GOP should consider when looking at everything long term. Unify behind the winner to help Republicans win the Senate and House and make some real change in this country with Trump leading the way. THAT is a formula for success.

(Source: YouTube)