What Allen B. West Said About Hillary’s Discraceful DNC Will WAKE America The Hell UP!

The DNC is parading around victims of police shootings as the highlight of their day. The cherry on top was former President Bill Clinton speaking after Hillary got the nod for the nomination. What’s baffling here is what they’re not talking about.

As threats to our country mount, the Dems seem to be more concerned with having a pity party and then an actual party while ignoring the true issues. Issues such as, oh I don’t know, Hillary being ineligible to be elected. That fight is not over, but other are taking the Dems to task over other issues like not speaking about national security and how to stop ISIS.

Allen B. West, former Florida congressman and all around patriot, is livid and is speaking out against this clear snub. He’s fired up!

I don’t know about you, but I sure agree with him. We must strengthen our borders and think America first. We can’t be a nation of givers always. We give aid all over the world and barely take care of starving veterans on our own shores.

Surely there’s someone who will look out for our country’s best interests? Oh that’s right. He’s the guy that the Democrats say is dangerous. I’ll tell you what’s dangerous, not recognizing a problem like ISIS and putting the full force of our military to action to snuff it out.

Who’s with me!? Trump 2016!

(Source: YouTube)