We Are Losing The War Against Sharia Law

The United States is a nation at war, and no matter how hard the left tries to object to that, the war is not yet won and everyone who doesn’t claim the mantle (or hijab) of Islam is still at risk.

Maybe it’s wishful thinking or maybe it’s a well-orchestrated agenda to destroy the civilized countries of the world, but somehow someone thinks that it’s OK to try and filter what the masses see to make Islam look like a more acceptable religion and part of society.

Those who’ve discovered the kind of threat that we face have been trying to make their voices heard, and since we still have the right to free speech, people across the country and the world decided to gather to demonstrate against those who wish to do us harm.

Unfortunately, that’s one protest that those who claim to be in favor of free speech aren’t all about. The protesters of Islam and Sharia met with counter-protests.

Even other “protected classes” like the LGBTQ groups in the UK who are against Sharia were harassed. It does make sense that these guys and gals (or, you know, whatever) would be against the implementation of Sharia Law since it would mean a death sentence for them.

It seems that the UK gays are a little more informed than those here in the states though because here there was a “Queers for Muslims” protest that got pretty violent.

Here in the United States the protests were met with counter-protests to the point that it’s getting difficult to keep up with.

The Washington Post had quite a bit to say about the protests, and most of it was not good. I’ve got a few pieces of it for you here.

Via The Washington Post:

Anti-Muslim activists hoisted American flags and delivered fiery speeches in rallies across the country Saturday, facing off against crowds of counter-demonstrators in several cities and exposing the visceral rage that has come to define America’s political extremes.

ACT for America, a lobbyist organization with close ties to the Trump administration, organized nationwide marches to oppose Islamic law, which the group says is a threat to U.S. society.

ACT, which has drawn condemnation from civil rights groups for its frequent criticism of Islam and its efforts to pass state-level bills targeting Islamic law and refugees, organized the protests as a nationwide March Against Sharia and a defense of human rights.

“We’re here protecting their rights, and they’re trying to shut us down!” Pax Hart, the organizer of the New York City rally, told his audience, referring to the gathering of hundreds of leftist activists across the street. “It’s insane!”

ACT for America, which the Southern Poverty Law Center recognizes as a hate group, was founded in 2007. Its leaders, who claim a 500,000-strong membership nationally, have labeled Islam a “cancer,” propagated theories of a secret plot by Muslims, Democrats, communists and the media to destroy the country from within, and sponsored lectures on how to monitor and oppose U.S. mosques.

The group’s founder, Brigitte Gabriel, has said that she is anti-sharia, not anti-Muslim, a point that a number of the group’s speakers repeated Saturday. But Gabriel also has said that all practicing Muslims adhere to sharia, and speakers on Saturday made sweeping statements about Islam as an enemy of the state.

Protesters on both sides blamed each other for the divisions on display Saturday, as anger surged through the crowds.

In New York, the cacophony from counter-demonstrators made it nearly impossible for them to hear their opponents’ speeches. But many seemed to have already made up their minds.

“They’re Nazis,” said Krish Bhatt, a Barnard College student who held a sign identifying themself as a trans Muslim.

Organized in part to memorialize the anniversary of the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando, the multi-city demonstrations aimed to raise awareness of what ACT sees as the negative effects of Muslim immigration to the United States. The rallies were laden with many false and exaggerated claims.

“There’s rampant rape happening because of Syrian immigrants, and we have to stop that from coming to America,” said Joseph Weidknecht, a 25-year-old construction worker who attended a march in Austin.

It’s not just those who follow Islam who are trying to convince the world that Islam is a list of guidelines instead of laws that must be followed on pain of death. The media is even attempting to cover up these hate killings.

Political analyst Paul Joseph Watson caught the BBC in the act of cutting out the motives of one vicious attack that took place in England.

I know that political correctness is the virtue to be loved above all others, however, it seems like at some point self-preservation would kick in and make people want to keep themselves from being stabbed willy-nilly. And in order to do that, we need to get the stabbers off the streets.

(Source: The Washington Post, Paul Joseph Watson