Watch What Happens When Illegal Immigrants Get Angry

Migrants are often violent and unruly. They have to be, in order to illegally sneak into a foreign country you must be comfortable flouting the law. America learned this lesson long ago; Europe is realizing it now.

Millions of North African and Middle Eastern asylum-seekers have flooded into the West in the past few years. Sleepy European towns have been transformed into ghettos. The liberals’ grand social experiment failed miserably.

Yesterday in Rome a scuffle broke out between a group of migrants and police. The Washington Post reports:

“Migrants in a Rome piazza threw rocks, bottles and gas cans at riot police using water cannons to clear out about 100 mostly Ethiopian and Eritrean asylum-seekers… The dawn operation comes days after authorities cleared most of the 800 migrants who had been squatting in an adjacent building since 2013. Police said in a statement the operation was necessary because the migrants remaining in the piazza had refused to accept city-organized lodging and because of the risk of cooking gas canisters and other flammable materials.”

The Angela Merkels and Barack Obamas of the world talk about illegal immigration like it’s a boon for society rather than a ravaging curse. Is Rome better off now that it has hordes of squatters dumping trash on its streets?

Italian authorities provides asylum-seekers with food and lodging, but it’s still not enough. They want riches, not sustenance.

It’s unclear what Italy will do next. Millions of migrants already reside in the country, and thousands more are arriving every day.

(Source: Washington Post)