Watch: Tucker Goes OFF, Teaches NFL Protesters Brutal Lesson On Live TV

It’s a little depressing that this whole ordeal surrounding Trump and athletes kneeling during the national anthem is such a big deal. It’s dominating the news cycle and causing a ridiculous uproar thanks to all the manufactured outrage the Left has created from it.

Even so, this BLM-inspired protest has become a major cultural issue whether we like it or not. With the news media so completely dominated by left-wing outlets, it’s a little difficult for conservative opinions about it to get widely disseminated. However, one man that’s become a master of trolling the Left and brazenly speaking truth to liberals’ lies has the set the record straight on this Knee-Gate issue.

As reported at the Daily Caller, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went nuclear on the NFL and its players for their kneel-down antics during the national anthem. He called their actions “disgusting” and said they’re nothing but a bunch of “pampered millionaires.” But that was only the start of his rant.

Carlson said, “In Washington, D.C. last night, virtually every player on the Raiders sat in protest as a military Army guard carried an American flag onto the field. Now, the sight of pampered millionaires giving the rhetorical finger to the country that made them rich is obviously disgusting, so it was no surprise that in stadiums across America fans booed when they saw this.”

Carlson then went on to highlight the Left’s rampant hypocrisy when it comes to how they treat conservative free speech versus the crap their comrades spew.

Free speech lectures are a little hard to take from the very people who routinely shut down the political speech of their opponents,” Carlson said.

Tucker later said, “When our elites attack our national symbols as if they are worthless and loathsome, something important, something monumental has changed here. If the people who benefited most from America despise it — and increasingly they do — where does that leave the rest of us?

What makes these self-righteous athletes’ protest so absurd is the utter lack of self-awareness that they display. I mean, the ringleader of this whole movement, Colin Kaepernick, has attended press conferences wearing a Fidel Castro shirt and defended the communist dictator when called on it. You just can’t make this kind of ignorance up.

Even more astonishing is the silence by these black athletes over the crime in their own communities, and their rampant absenteeism when it comes to fatherhood. Leftists want to point the finger and blame cops and everyone else for the problems in the black community, but they refuse to self-reflect or lift a finger to address the many issues plaguing it. That’s why this kneel-down garbage is nothing more than a circus with an overabundance of clowns running the show.

Source: Daily Caller