Watch Trump Make Everyone In The Room Laugh At Hillary Clinton, On Live TV

I’ve heard that diplomacy is the art of getting other people to do what you want. Personally, I think diplomacy is more like sugar coating things for the sake of other people. And while that’s an admirable thing if you’re trying to make other people feel good about themselves (again, not a bad aim) it’s really not what we send our officials into government to do. Especially not our President.

President Trump’s aim in the general sense was to “make America great again.” Specifically, he plans to fix as many problems as he can as quickly as he can. That’s why he brought together some of the world’s greatest minds in tech to talk about cyber security. If they had a little bit of fun along the way, well that’s just a bonus.

Fox News Insider caught, and memorialized one particularly scathing (and hilarious) moment from the meeting:

President Trump elicited a few laughs at the White House as he met with technology and cybersecurity executives Monday.

CEO Tom Leighton, who heads internet firm Akamai, touted the fact that his company protects many government websites from attackers, including

The president then interjected, quipping that “the DNC could have used you.”

Trump, seated alongside Apple’s Tim Cook, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella and Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, held a four-hour-long technology summit bringing together Silicon Valley titans.

The president was referring to last summer’s hack of the Democratic National Committee’s emails. U.S. intelligence agencies blamed the theft on Russian hackers who turned the emails over to WikiLeaks.

Earlier in the day, Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner made his first public remarks since joining the White House as a senior adviser.

“We have challenged ourselves to pursue change that will provide utilities to Americans far beyond our tenure here,” Kushner said during his speech. “Together we have set ambitious goals and empowered interagency teams to tackle our objectives.”

The President’s comment was funny, but also really serious. So much of our culture would crumble without technology. We are putting computer chips into absolutely everything, as quickly as we possibly can; even Fido has a chip in him now. Imagine what happens when those with less than pure intentions start hacking anything and everything with information that they want on it. Well, you really don’t have to imagine because they’ve made about 1000 movies about it (spoiler alert: unless you’re super beautiful and athletic, you die).

I will say this though; if we were looking for a guy who doesn’t take other people’s feelings too seriously, we certainly got one. I think President Trump is taking the pot shots at liberals that we’ve all always wanted to take while were sitting on our couch, watching them spout their inconsistent and unsustainable plans that they hope we blindly accept.

I guess maybe there’s a little lack of diplomacy there, but a really smart person told me one time that “feelings ain’t everything.” Meaning, don’t get so bogged down in examining how you or others feel that you forget to accomplish something. I’ve had to repeat it to myself many times over, but it’s served me very well. Maybe Mr. President will finally get that through to the rest of the world and they’ll stop getting their feelings hurt so much. I think we’d all rest a little easier if that happened.

(Source: Fox News Insider)