Watch Trump DESTROY Everyone In Last Night’s Debate. This Is EPIC!

During last night’s GOP debate, many candidates took steps forward and many took steps back. *cough JEB BUSH cough*

Donald Trump however, slayed yet again and this time with many more people coming out against him. Even when he couldn’t defend himself! I speak, of course, about the under card debate in which Trump wasn’t present because he was at the main event. And at the main event he destroyed the competition yet again. The only person who came close was Carly Fiorina, former Hewlett Packard CEO.

Here are a few highlights and Trumps reaction after the debate.

Fiorina did gain some ground, but the fact is that Trump is still leading coming out of this debate. Isn’t it interesting that the two “winners” from last night aren’t even politicians?

(Source: YouTube and YouTube)