Watch: Ted Cruz Makes Bernie Sanders Look Like A Fool With 1 Simple Question

Senile old man and wannabe socialist, Bernie Sanders, is still trying to convince Americans that they should embrace his nation-destroying ideas. To do so, he and Senator Ted Cruz agreed to have a one-on-one debate, thinking that his left-wing talking points would be enough to pull out a victory against Cruz.

However, Cruz was a champion debater and standout student during his time at Harvard, and his intelligence and debate skills were on full display, as he made mincemeat of the socialist.

As reported at the Daily Caller, when Cruz asked Sanders what the difference is between a socialist and the Democratic Party’s stance on taxes, the old geezer was left speechless.

Cruz said, “Let me just ask, since this is a tax debate, what is the difference between a socialist and a Democrat on taxes?”

Sanders paused for several seconds before saying, “Well, I don’t know the answer to that because I don’t know…” Cruz agreed, saying, “I don’t know either.”

Sanders then went into damage control, as he tried to make the case for democratic socialism in America, saying, “But here is what I think. As a democratic socialist, similar to the people in Denmark and Sweden and Norway and Finland, people who have by and large a much higher standard of living than we have, people who guarantee health care to all of their people as a right, where kids have free, free preschool education, where retirement benefits are much more generous than the United States.”

He added, “I believe that in a civilized society, people, especially those on top, should be asked to pay their fair share so that every man, woman and child in our country can have a decent standard of living.”

Fair share this, fair share that. What exactly is this “fair share” leftists are always speaking of? Why can’t they ever quantify or explain what exactly they mean by that? Whenever they’re asked, liberals will never give you a straight answer about what they think the highest tax rate should be, because to them, it’s limitless. Leftists eat that line up though, despite the fact that the bottom 50 percent of Americans effectively pay no income tax.

Also, his appeals to emotion are standard tactics that easily convince the gullible. By saying, well, sorry I just want free education, better pay, free healthcare for all they get the upper hand. Because of course we’d all like those things, but he frames the argument like we’re against them, which is absurd. What conservatives are against are the methods by which we achieve those things.

Also, the constant referral to Scandinavian countries isn’t a valid comparison for various reasons. One, they’re tiny, homogenous nations. Two, America subsidizes their defense, meaning they can redirect all the funds they would be paying for defense to other areas. Three, these nations have their one innate problems just like us when it comes to budgets and proper funding. They may be enjoying things now, but down the road, their little socialist paradises will crumble unless they roll back their left-wing policies due to issues like demographic decline and simple over-spending.

Oh, and then there’s the fact that America still has the most advanced healthcare industry on the planet. Yes, it may be more expensive, but there’s a reason people come here from overseas, besides the fact they have ridiculously long wait times.

Sanders and his supporters are hopeless morons that refuse to acknowledge reality. They think what works in a tiny European nation will apply to a heterogenous nation that’s 30-50 times larger. We must resist the rise in support for Sanders’ ideas, or else America’s descent into the dustbin of history will only be accelerated.

Source: Daily Caller