Watch Ted Cruz FLIP OUT When A Kid Tells Him “You Suck!” HA HA!

Ted Cruz, the talking mouthpiece for the bidding of his Super PACs, got called out by a kid in the audience, and he couldn’t take it. Not only is this hilarious because it proves that Ted Cruz absolutely does suck in taking care of protesters and hecklers, but when the camera pans out, you can see that there are a lot of empty seats and a lot of empty floor space in Cruz’s rally.

When the kid yells out “You suck!”, all Cruz can say is “thank you” and something about showing respect to elders. Keep in mind, Ted Cruz, the person that has been found lying more than any other candidate in this race, on either side, is lecturing people on respect.

Yeah, that’s rich.

According to the Daily Caller,

Cruz said a kid growing up in his household would have been spanked if they acted out the way a boy did towards him Sunday during a rally. The pre-teen boy was escorted out by local law enforcement when he told Cruz during a rally, “You suck.”

The incident began when Cruz talked about his tax plan and heard the boy’s voice screaming something un-intelligible to him from the crowd.

“Apparently there’s a young boy who’s had some problems,” Cruz said. The child yelled something unknown again at Cruz but then screamed louder, “You suck.”

Looks like the Cruz ship just SANK!

(Source: YouTube)