Watch: NYT Editors Had NO IDEA They Were Being Recorded When They Make Shock

Nick Dudich, an audience strategy editor for The New York Times video, had said that the NYT slants anti-Trump news to the front page. I mean, that was a slightly “well duh” statement, but that’s not all the journalist has recently said… and the rest of it is probably going to get him the boot.

Dudich has also claimed to be the “Gatekeeper” for New York Times Videos, stating that his “imprint is on every video we do.”

He has admitted he won’t be objective, which is why he works for the NYT, despite details in their ethical handbook stating: “Journalists… must do nothing that might raise questions about their professional neutrality or that of The Times.”

Oh, it gets better…

Dudich has claimed that former FBI Director James Comey is his godfather, though his family denies the claim. This guy is ruining his relationship with his family AND work; wow, way to nail it, dude.

Later, when pressed on the matter, Dudich claimed his parents had known Comey and his wife for a long time, so long in fact that Comes invited Dudich to join the FBI for intelligence gathering.

When it was eventually uncovered that Dudich had no link with Comey, he said he’d told the journalist that he was because “it’s a good story.”

A video, released by Project Veritas, shows the gatekeeper Dudich boasting of his lack of journalistic ethics, and openly displays his lack of integrity throughout the video. This is somewhat ironic coming from the guy who’s… whatever… is all over NYT videos, which are posted onto The Times’ website, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram.

When asked what he would do to target the Trump Administration, Dudich said: “I’d target his businesses, his dumb luck of a son, Donald Jr, and Eric… target that. Get people to boycott going to his hotels. Boycott… so a lot of the Trump brands, if you can ruin the Trump brand and you put pressure on his business and you start investigating his businesses and you start shutting it down, or they’re hacking or other things. He cares about his business more than he cares about being President. He would resign. Or he’d lash out and do something incredibly illegal, which he would have to.”

Dudich obviously is the genius to pull off such a heist. We’re all terrified… (can you feel us rolling our eyes?)

The… I guess we have to call him a journalist… quit his job in journalism in 2016 when he was recruited for the Clinton campaign.  He worked for the company Upworthy, because the reportage he carried out there was so terrible it wasn’t even considered journalism.

Well, Dudich probably won’t be doing much in the way of journalism moving forward anyway, so at least Project Veritas saved us from any more of this crap. Though his LinkedIn still says he worked for the NYT, we’ll be checking back periodically to see if that’s still the case. He hasn’t been at any of his previous positions for more than 1 year and 11 months, so we’re hedging our bets on this one.

Sure: Project Veritas