Watch: NFL Player’s Wife Goes On Fox News, Reveals Real Reason She’ll ‘Always’ Stand For Anthem

Country music star and NFL wife Jessie James Decker is a real patriot. She refuses to support players who disrespect our flag by kneeling during the national anthem.

“I really love singing the national anthem. I’m the daughter of a military family. My dad is a general in the Air Force. I’ve been around the military my entire life — family members in the military, my grandfather fought in the Vietnam war, all my uncles fought in World War II,” Decker told Fox News.

The NFL protest is getting ridiculous. Grown men, most of them millionaires, are acting like they’re doing something heroic by not standing for the anthem. News flash- they’re not. Are they still thinking about the “oppressed” man when they leave the stadium and go home to their mansions?

It’s not even clear what they’re trying to accomplish. If police brutality is a real problem, it’s hard to see how what happens on the football field will change anything. Team owners should buck up their courage and fire any player who continues to debase the anthem.

“I never knew that it meant anything else, so for me I just figured the anthem is what it means,” Decker said. “I didn’t understand that it meant something else to others.”

(Source: Daily Caller)