Watch MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Go Insane On Live TV. I Almost Feel Bad For Him…Almost

President Trump’s somewhat unusual family has garnered all kinds of attention. From the FLOTUS being a 3rd wife to Barron being the first boy to grow up in the White House in years, everyone has an opinion about the first family. Unfortunately, those who disagree with the President’s policies have decided it’s ok to say awful things about those close to President Trump.

The President’s daughter Ivanka, and her husband Jared have come under especially harsh criticism since they have been made Presidential advisors. Though they are not receiving any out of the ordinary status, other than what a President could award any citizen, it’s assumed that since they’re related they can’t be qualified to actually advise.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews took it even further than that though when he equated the two to the sadistic sons of Saddam Hussain. Perhaps we would do well to remember a little about the younger Hussein’s legacy

The Telograph UK described these diabolical royals after their death:

Uday, the psychopathic playboy, and Qusay, the cold, calculating and ruthless heir apparent, summed up the two sides of Saddam’s Iraq. They were living proof of how their father’s brand of tyranny combined wanton brutality with the cunning acumen that won more than three decades of dominance.

This is how Matthews and the crew at MSNBC think they are alike.

Yeah, that sounds exactly alike to me. Getting to have an office near dad is just like randomly picking out citizens to rape and murder. Beating to death someone in the middle of a party of diplomats is just the same as having conversations with White House staffers that might be nervous around you.

I understand it’s every American’s birthright to criticize those in the public eye, but there is a point where your opinion becomes slander. If I were the first family, I would consider this kind of horrible comparison to be just that. Hopefully, Americans will see MSNBC for the biased liberal ranting that it is and disregard all comments from them in the future.

(H/T: The Blaze)