Watch: The Moment Legendary Hollywood Actress SNAPS At Megyn Kelly On Live TV

Megyn Kelly can’t make it through an interview without embarrassing herself. The weird charm she had while appearing on Fox News has completely evaporated. She’s become as clunky and awkward as a first-year journalism student.

People haven’t stopped making fun of Kelly’s disastrous interview with the cast of “Will & Grace” yet she’s already botched another segment. The illustrious Jane Fonda and Robert Redford stopped by Kelly’s show Wednesday to promote their new movie.

“You, you’ve been an example to everyone, on how to age beautifully and with strength. And unapologetically,” Kelly began, addressing herself to Fonda.

“You admit you had work done. I think it’s to your credit. You look amazing. Have you … why did you say .. I read you felt you’re not proud to admit you had work done, why not?”

With all the scorn that such a question deserves, Fonda immediately fired back: “We really want to talk about that now?”

Questioning an older woman about her looks is both rude and predictable. Redford, who has also crept up in age, didn’t have to answer such obnoxious questions. Kelly’s like a stampeding bull, she lacks the finesse for lighthearted conversation.

Fonda, a consummate professional, quickly took control of the interview and brought the focus back to her movie.

“One of the things I like about Jane that’s manifest in this film, is she is a force. As long as I’ve known Jane, she always has been moving forward. And doesn’t look back,” Redford raved.

“And whatever pain, whatever problem she’s had in the past, remains in the past. And she keeps moving forward. It’s an admirable quality. And few people have it like Jane does.”

(Source: Daily Mail)