Watch: In Middle Of CNN Show, Man Walks Up To Anderson Cooper And Teaches Him A Lesson

CNN’s Anderson Cooper was humiliated on air last night. A random passerby lurching past his show shouted “fake news” at the surprised host.

Watch below:

CNN’s antics are now well known. Dedicated conservatives, led by President Trump, have been exposing the network’s duplicity for months. Executives would be smart if they rebranded CNN as an entertainment network.

Cooper was on the scene in New York City to cover yesterday’s terrorist attack. Sayfullo Saipaz, an immigrant from Uzbekistan, rented a Home Depot truck and used it to plow into a busy bike lane.

Saipaz, who survived the ordeal, is a Muslim extremist bent on destroying the U.S. He’s currently in police custody and being treated at a New York hospital.

“How likely is it that there could be a video, kind of a martyrdom video so-called, which is what we saw in, I think when the Charlie Hebdo attacks, if memory serves me, there were some, and some of the attacks in Europe that we’ve seen…” Cooper was intoning when a boisterous passerby began shouting.

“CNN is fake news! CNN is fake news! Anderson Cooper is fake news!”

Cooper barely reacted; he’s been a broadcast journalist for decades. It’s tough to rattle a professional.

Who’s still watching CNN? Liberals might be tuning in out of spite to President Trump, but even they would be better off watching MSNBC. CNN’s frothy, inconsequential coverage belongs in bland waiting rooms, not the living rooms of Americans who truly want to be informed.

(Source: Daily Caller)