Watch: 4-Letter Curse Word Airs On Megyn Kelly’s New Show

Another day, another Megyn Kelly flub. At this point, it would be surprising if she managed to conduct a normal interview. “Megyn Kelly Today” is still in its first week and she’s already managed to mangle multiple episodes.

In her defense, the latest mishap wasn’t her fault. A cameraman accidentally shuffled on screen and muttered “sh*t!” Kelly’s guest, soccer player and Olympic gold medalist Carli Lloyd, was shocked.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of Megyn Kelly if the host didn’t mess up somehow. The start of her segment with Llyod saw Kelly gazing into the wrong camera. It’s jarring to see a “professional” journalist commit so many rookie mistakes.

In case you’re having trouble keeping track of all her mishaps, here’s a reminder of what’s happened this week “the Jane Fonda disaster, the Debra Messing disaster, the unexplained mystery of what happened to her scheduled interview with Edie Falco…”

Kelly’s blowing her opportunity at redemption. Remember “Sunday Night with Megyn Kelly?” Probably not, because it was canceled almost immediately. That was just a few months ago and she’s already tanked another show.

Conservative hosts are more popular than liberal blowhards. Kelly’s popularity, however, plummeted the second she left Fox News. She’s now in the odd position of having one the most talked about shows in America that no one actually watches.

(Source: Decider)