Watch Jessie Ventura Freak Out When He’s Asked Why He Sued The Families Of Dead Soldiers

What do you get when you cross a former pro-wrestler, an American sniper, a Fox News reporter, and marijuana? Stay tuned and you just might find out.

Fox News reporter Jesse Watters is known for ambushing people and asking unscripted, unexpected questions. I think the goal is to get the knee-jerk and emotional reaction. If that was the goal when he caught up with former wrestler and governor Jessie Ventura, I guess he succeeded.

Watters asked a few questions about Ventura’s support of the legalization of marijuana but then moved on to Ventura’s even less ethical income revenues (i.e. suing the widows of fallen heroes).

Via The Blaze:

Watters recently confronted former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura while the former professional wrestler and Navy SEAL was speaking at a pro-marijuana legalization conference.

The exchange between Watters and Ventura began cordial. Watters asked Ventura some silly questions about whether or not President Donald Trump or members of Congress [sic] should get “high.”

But the lighthearted conservation took a dramatic turn when Watters confronted Ventura about suing Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and going through legal battles with Kyle’s now-widow, Taya, over alleged defamation in Kyle’s 2012 book “American Sniper.”

“Were you high when you sued Chris Kyle’s widow?” Watters calmly asked.


Ventura filed a defamation lawsuit against Kyle in 2012 following the release of his best-selling book. Ventura claims that Kyle lied about an altercation the two had at a popular SEAL bar in California in 2006, which later hurt Ventura’s standing in the tight-knit SEAL community.

A jury later awarded Ventura $1.8 million in 2014, $500,000 for defamation and $1.35 million for unjust enrichment. In the case, Kyle’s wife, Taya, was listed as the defendant since she was executor of Kyle’s estate. Kyle was murdered in February 2013 in an unrelated incident.

Taya later appealed the ruling, but it was upheld. However in June 2016, the 8th Circuit Court of Appeals tossed out the 2014 judgment. According to CBS News, the judges tossed out the unjust enrichment award completely and sent the defamation part of the suit back to trial to be settled at a later date.

I suppose the life as a wrestler requires that a certain amount of aggression comes standard, but Ventura isn’t doing himself any favors with this vendetta. We’re sorry an American hero made you feel bad about yourself, but surely the death of the person you’re upset with should end the feud.

While I personally don’t engage in many bar fights, I understand that the tall tales that come from them are kind of like fishing stories; the fewer people who are available to corroborate them, the more flashy the become. And when you add some fame and fortune (and maybe drugs) to the mix, that was bound to go south.

Watters asked a few humorous questions with a little bit of substance, and Ventura couldn’t handle it. Unfortunately, Mr. Ventura seems to have not yet learned the lesson that many people weaker than himself have had to learn earlier in life; he who angers you controls you.

(Source: The Blaze