Watch: Jerry Falwell Jr. Comes Forward With Huge Announcement About Trump’s Future

Jerry Falwell Jr., much like his father, is a very hated man amongst the Left. Liberals just cannot stand it when prominent Christian pastors have the temerity to stand up and speak out in favor of strong conservative values.

They especially hate the fact that he runs the Christian and conservative Liberty University, which is a rare combination to find in higher education. Falwell’s outspokenness has made him a lot of enemies, but he’s not the type to back down against the slander of the Left. Since Trump emerged on the scene, he’s been a big fan, as he thinks the president has the ability to purge the GOP of its closeted liberal elements. Not only that, he thinks Trump has the potential equal to one of America’s greatest presidents.

As reported at Breitbart, Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Jerry Falwell Jr. said if President Donald Trump starts kicking “fake Republicans,” out of Congress he “has the potential to be the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

Falwell said, “I think there are several Republicans in the Senate who pretended to be conservative Republicans to deceive their base, to deceive their voters. They got elected, and they really don’t share the same values. And I think if they will get out of the way and honor the values that they ran on, keep the promises that they made to their constituencies when they ran, I think Donald Trump has the potential to be the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln.”

While Falwell isn’t wrong, Trump needs to stop living on these declarations of potential and start showing more results. True, the Republicans in Congress are mostly a bunch of spineless cowards bent on defying his proposals, but that just means he should declare open war on them as Falwell suggests. The base would love it, as conservatives are painfully aware of the disaster that is the GOP, and desperately want people of integrity to replace the circus of clowns that infects the party currently.

Trump has already gone after the likes of McConnell and Speaker Ryan to an extent, but he needs to draw a line in the sand and give them an ultimatum about supporting his agenda. That way everyone will know come midterms where these do-nothing Republicans stand when it comes to the pursuit of conservative reforms.

Source: Breitbart