Watch: Hollywood Director Completely Embarrasses Himself Over Weinstein Scandal

Hollywood is still reeling from the effects of Harvey Weinstein’s downfall. The vicious pervert already has a victim count approaching Bill Cosby’s.

A lot of Hollywood “elites” are implicated in Weinstein’s crimes. Women were attacked and rich liberals hushed up their stories in order to protect their own careers. Even now some starlets and producers are refusing to denounce Weinstein.

Rob Reiner appeared on MSNBC Tuesday ostensibly to talk about a movie, but really to try and deflect attention away from Weinstein.

“Yeah, here’s the thing,” Reiner told Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough. “Harvey Weinstein’s disgusting, let’s just say that. But Fox News had that, Clarence Thomas.”

Yes, you read that right. He’d rather bring up accusations against Fox News than talk about a man who has literally dozens of sexual assault complaints lodged against him. And it gets worse.

“Women have a hard time,” Reiner said. “They’re either not believed, they say they asked for it, or they’re punished, and how can they go up against the world that they’re in when they voted for a person who actually admitted to sexually harassing women?”

Reiner’s blaming President Trump. Reiner’s perversions go back at least two decades, yet somehow, the reason his victims stayed quiet is because of a president who hasn’t even been in office for a year?

It’s pathetic.

(Source: Daily Caller)