Watch Hack Chris Matthews Call For Someone To Break The Law To Make President Trump Look Bad

It’s natural to feel a little bit of hostility toward everything to do with taxes right around tax time. But Chris Matthews has taken that to a whole new level since he want’s to get the IRS into all kinds of trouble. In case you were unclear on how it works, due to the heavily enforced disclosure laws, the IRS is not allowed to release any of your tax information.

This didn’t stop the wishing and hoping by our friends over at MSNBC from encouraging someone to risk their job in order to possibly dish some dirt on the President.

Via The Blaze:

“Can’t the IRS just make a statement: ‘He’s not under audit?’” Matthews asked. “Just make the announcement.”

Matthews said that the status of Trump’s taxes “would be a great leak.”

“Somebody from the IRS, just leak it,” he said.

NBC analyst Howard Fineman replied that although many have called for IRS staff to do so, they have — as of yet — chosen not to.

“I thought they were all liberals over there, why doesn’t someone leak?” Matthews asked.

“They might actually believe in the ethics of their job,” Fineman replied.

Well, I’m glad somebody does since apparently, Matthews isn’t all that worried about ethics of any kind.

This is in response to the President saying that he was unable to release his tax returns during the campaign, as is the custom with Presidential candidates because he was under audit. Now, apparently, the media still isn’t over his win, and they want to see what’s really going on in those fascinating forms. I would think that MSNBC would have already learned it’s lesson after Rachel Maddow crashed and burned trying to have a Trump tax form reveal, but apparently, they’re going to be gluttons for punishment.

Legality aside, as my mother would say:

If wishes were horses then beggars could ride.” 

So keep on wishing Mr. Matthews, but you might be the one begging for a job if you intend to carry on asking federal employees to break the law.

(Source: The Blaze)