Watch: Fox Reporter Asks John McCain The 1 Question That Instantly Sets Him Off

The self-proclaimed “Maverick” John McCain sure doesn’t like being asked about Trump these days. The two’s hilarious feud erupted during the campaign season, after Trump took several swipes at him. Ever since, McCain has been loathe to support any of Trump’s policies.

His pettiness hasn’t gone unnoticed, as everyone now solicits his opinions anytime Trump announces a new policy or if there’s one being voted on in Congress. They’re all looking for him to insult the president and give them a soundbite of a “conservative” going against what the president wants. As if it’s proof that Trump is out of touch. On Wednesday, McCain was once again asked about the president, and his reaction was everything the media was hoping for.

As reported at the Daily Caller, Sen. John McCain went nuclear on Fox News’ Peter Doocy for asking him if he would oppose every policy that President Trump asks him to support.

Doocy asked McCain if his relationship with the president is “so frayed” that McCain would “not support anything that he comes to you and asks for?”

With a completely dumbfounded and enraged look on his face McCain responded, “Why would you say something that stupid? Why would you ask something that dumb?”

My job as a United States senator — you mean I am somehow going to behave in a way that I’m going to block everything because of some personal disagreement?” McCain said incredulously. “That’s a dumb question.”

Actually, what’s dumb, John, is for you to suggest that just because you’re a member of Congress that you’re somehow above letting your emotions and opinion about the progenitor of a policy affect your decision to support it. It’s laughable to suggest that our politicians are immune to letting their feelings about Trump, Obama, or any other policy author affect their support.

Yet that’s what McCain is trying to suggest. How unsurprising that he has such a deluded opinion of himself and would act all high and mighty.

Especially considering in recent days how he’s trashed Trump’s “America first” nationalistic policies, or so he called them. Oh no, how dare a president put his nation’s needs above all else, the horror! How dare he not embroil us in endless conflicts across the globe that have absolutely nothing to do with us. I guess not being a war-monger makes Trump a bad guy, at least in the eyes of McCain.

The senile old man needs to retire already. He’s been a stain on the Republican Party for far too long, as he’s been able to get a pass and live off his war hero status all these years. The guy doesn’t have a clue and should do the right thing by handing his seat over to the next generation instead of forcing his ridiculous beliefs on the people who’ll actually have to live under them for the long-term.

Source: Daily Caller