Watch: Donna Brazile Goes On Tucker, Immediately Blows Lid Off Of Hillary’s Health

Who would have thought that long-time leftist Donna Brazile would be the one to reveal all the Democratic National Convention’s dirty secrets. The ongoing war of words and accusations is heating up between the now-disgraced Brazile and many of the leftists she once considered comrades.

Her decision to blow the lid off the Clinton campaign’s rigging of the DNC primary, and the innate corruption of the organization, has caused her fall from grace. So much so, that she actually went on Fox News so she could get some real air time to explain herself.

As reported at the Daily Caller, Brazile went on the Tucker Carlson show, where she was first grilled about her claims that she was on the verge of replacing Clinton with Biden after the former’s health scare in September 2016.

Carlson asked, “So you have this scene in the book that’s been much remarked upon, where Hillary’s really sick, you say she’s overworked, and she’s got a bronchial infection, maybe pneumonia, and she’s so sick, that you have this moment where you think maybe we need to replace her, maybe she won’t be able to continue, and that’s the point at which you said, ‘Maybe the Vice President would be a good replacement…’”

Tucker continued, “That’s such a big deal, that it was striking when I read that, I thought here there are a thousand reporters covering this campaign, and not one of them picked up anything like that, that the candidate’s health was that bad? That she was being considered maybe not able to finish? Do you think reporters knew that? How could they not know that?

Brazile said, “Well let me just tell you, I had a lot of reporters were calling my office, calling my home, texting me, sending me emails. In fact, there was a reporter that I mentioned that broke the story to me that she had fainted. And I immediately called up to Brooklyn and I tried to reach people on the road with her to find out if this was a rumor, as you well know, with the Russian meddling in our campaign, and yes, it happened, there were so many rumors that you had to debunk, and so by the time I saw the video, when the video went viral–you can imagine what was happening within the Democratic Party, what was happening inside of the inner circles…

Oh, I remember, and everything was fine. ‘Everything’s fine!’” Tucker said. 

Brazile added, “Every five to seven minutes…Hillary is a friend. I cared about her health. I cared about her campaign but the last thing I want, I wanted to know how she was doing. I wanted to know if she was okay…

While Brazile was very sure to play up the narrative about Russia meddling in the DNC’s affairs, she did provide an interesting view into the inner workings of the organization. When Hillary collapsed and was practically thrown into a van to escape the media’s prying eyes, you can bet the DNC was freaking out. But thanks to their water-carriers in the media, they played down the whole ordeal as if it was nothing.

They even prepared a disgusting photo op of Hillary happily “running into” a little girl and offering her encouragement for her first post-collapse public appearance. The left-wing journalists all got in line and refused to ask the question that any sane human would ask after seeing the video of her collapse: Is she alright?

They didn’t dare ask that question, as it might imply to voters that there’s something wrong with her, thus diminish her chances. Who really knows what effect, if any, it had on voters’ decision. Either way, she lost fair and square, and no amount of wolf-crying about Russia or other excuse-making is going to change that.

Source: Daily Caller