Watch Donald Trump Make A Clueless CBS Host Wish He Was Never Born

Lawyers have this rule about questioning or cross-examining a witness, the rules is: don’t ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to. Meaning, if you’re not sure where this is headed, don’t risk giving the jury something they can use against you.

CBS’s John Dickerson who hosts Face The Nation obviously doesn’t know this rule because he really stepped in it during his “First 100 Days” interview with President Trump

Here’s Mark Dice talking about the juicy little clip to which I’m referring:

President Trump, apparently, isn’t taking the warm and fuzzy environment as a cue to pull any punches. You gotta admire him for saying what’s on his mind. Some people probably wish he would share his innermost thoughts a little less, but at least we don’t have to guess what he’s thinking.

Maybe Dickerson really did know how that question would be answered, and he just couldn’t help himself. Given, President Trump isn’t a witness, but if I were the mainstream media I might adopt the mantra “don’t ask a question you don’t want to know the answer to.”

Kudos to President Trump for giving us the information and something to laugh about around the water cooler. Can I get a witness?

(Source: Youtube)