Watch Donald Rumsfeld Absolutely Destroy Joy Behar On The View. It’s Beautiful.

They say that the real test of good manners is being able to put up with bad manners pleasantly. Donald Rumsfeld showed us an excellent example when he accepted an invitation to be a guest on The View. The beautifully manicured claws came out when the actresses and comedians thought they might be able to implicate President Trump, however, Rumsfeld’s responses to them are reminiscent of a time when politics were taken care of by people with some education and manners (aka, not washed up actresses and comedians).

Via Daily Caller:

Donald Rumsfeld shut down Joy Behar on “The View” Thursday when she argued with him that Hillary Clinton actually won the election because she got more votes.

“Well he [Donald Trump] lost by more than three million votes in the popular vote. He won the electoral vote,” Behar explained to the former Secretary of Defense.

“What counts?” Rumsfeld responded.

“I thought so,” Rumsfeld said.

It’s beautiful. Please watch, it’ll make your day.

Well, look who thinks that the President of the United States is taking time out of his busy day to run the free world in order to watch former TV personalities on The View talk about him. Seems like quite a bit of arrogance to me, assuming that the President even cares what Joy Behar says about him.

It’s reasonable to assume that Rumsfeld was brought on the show because he’s an expert on politics and Washington. Then they did their best to bait him into saying that President Trump and the infamous President Nixon were equals in ethics. Rumsfeld, having served in Nixon’s cabinet, it stands to reason that he’d know. But since he didn’t give the answer that they wanted, they just argued with him. People, if you’re going to invite an expert to talk about a subject, maybe don’t act like you know more than he does. That’s why you invited him, his expertise. It was literally painful to watch.

Also, I feel the need to point out that seeing his old world slow to speak politeness against their crass and unpleasant self-assertive natures just makes them look like more irrelevant and uneducated. Sometimes we forget that people can be any other way now, considering the lack of respect that most have today. So I want to thank The View (something I don’t really like to do) for reminding me today that there is another way; you’ll still be just as right if you’re polite. Possibly more so.

(Source: Daily Caller)