Watch Crowd Chant “CNN Sucks!” At Trump’s 100 Days Rally, Live On CNN. HA HA!

“The crooked, biased media!” You’ve all heard the phrase and you’ve all heard the Trump mantra for the past two years. CNN, among all other on the left side, are after Trump and his way of running this country. That is no secret.

What’s also no secret is how America has reacted to this rallying cry. We all got behind it and that is evidenced in the video below. We all got behind the “CNN sucks” mindset because CNN does actually suck. They continually report news that is massively biased, sometimes fake, and always has an agenda to it.

We, along with this amazing crowd, let them know what we all truly think of them.

The best part is that this was broadcast on CNN as it was happening. And, for added insult to the gaping ego wound Trump put on them, he pointed to the cameras and said, “News outlets like CNN and MSNBC are fake news!” I still can’t stop smiling from this one folks.

The reaction by CNN and the left to not only this but the whole Trump presidency has been that of distaste and calling him “illegitimate.” It couldn’t be the fact that CNN has perpetuated decades of left leaning bias and liberal agenda pushing while not trying to work together for the betterment of this country. Nah, can’t be that. I think “denial” is a good word to use here.

CNN and the left wing media is dying out. We couldn’t be happier that Trump was the catalyst for it all.