Watch CNN Reporters LOSE THEIR MINDS After Donald Trump’s EPIC Speech

Donald Trump took the stage at the last night of the Republican National convention to become the nominee for the President of the United States, after the most surprising primary race the country has ever had, and the people have spoken – they want Trump.

However, not everyone is in the same boat, as the liberal media, headed by CNN, scrambled to denounce Trump’s speech only moments after he gave it, calling it “disgusting” and “fear-mongering,” according to Ana Navarro, a pundit on CNN’s after-speech panel.

Navarro was then challenged by Jeffrey Lord, who said that Trump wasn’t fear mongering, but outlining a very real problem in the country, and the two went at it, with Navarro almost coming to tears and her voice breaking up.

Here’s the exchange:

Does the public agree with Ana in that it was fear mongering and disgusting?

Two words: HELL NO. According to CNN’s own polls, here’s how the public reacted directly after Trump’s historic speech:





BAM! America has spoken, and they know that not only do we have issues in the country perpetuated by the current administration, but we can’t afford another four or eight years of the same establishment politics leading us into the slaughterhouse.

What you’re seeing now is the mainstream media coming to terms with the fact that the people are not on their side, and the truth is out. Here’s how the CNN pundits reacted after they saw the poll numbers:

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