Watch CNN Reporters Freak Out When They Hear That James Comey Was Fired

It turns out that even when CNN agrees with what President Trump is doing, they will still say that he did it in the wrong way or at the wrong time or with the wrong tone of voice, etc.

This is an excellent example of why we don’t trust them to be objective – in their opinion, President Trump can’t do anything right, which is the same as to say that he really can’t win for losing.

No one can any longer contest that Comey needed to be replaced. Left, right, and middle could see that he was getting way out of hand, but even that doesn’t keep the left from complaining that he was removed. Their prevailing theory, of course, is that it’s because Comey was doing a Russian investigation connected to President Trump.

It seems a bit more likely that the Russian theory is pushed so hard so that no matter what happens it can be pointed at as the reason for the President’s movements.

Think about it; if it drags on then “Oh, you can’t believe him, he’s under investigation.” Now that he’s fired Comey it’s all about “Oh, he fired the FBI director because he’s being investigated.”

Objectively? Raise your hand if you almost spewed your coffee when you heard a CNN panelist talking about objectivity. And if by “small clique of people” he means those with real moral integrity, then I’d have to agree with him that that group is shrinking by the day. The good news is that it’s totally up to each individual as to whether they’re a part of it.

Here’s Kellyanne Conway taking CNN’s Anderson Cooper down a peg when he tries to change his story and corner her on the Comey firing, and she lets him have it:

Be honest, do the right thing, and don’t cover up crimes. Accomplish that, and you too can be a part of the “small click of people” that can be trusted by not only the President but American people as well.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)