Watch CNN Hosts Lose Their Minds Because Trump Exposed Them All For The Liars That They Are

President Trump has done a lot of things to tick a lot of people off, but he has probably alienated no one more than the media. The liberal media who monopolize our airwaves decided to pick a fight with him early in his candidacy, probably assuming he wouldn’t win. Bad news for them, because everybody’s favorite businessman actually won, and he hasn’t taken too kindly to the shade and cheap shots.

From the time he was elected, the media has been in a tailspin, trying to figure out what to do about him. So, they seem to have resorted to criticizing anything they possibly can, even if it’s something they know nothing about, like morals.

Here is CNN trying to stay calm and collected after Donald Trump said that he wouldn’t attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. It did not go well:

You don’t even have to like President Trump to get some serious laughs from these people and their righteous indignation.

In my opinion, the ones with actual morals were all the people who sprinted to the polls to make sure that Hillary didn’t get into office. Because while President Trump might be unpredictable, Hillary has been completely predictably corrupt and underhanded. These are the same people who were secure enough to know that their vote might not count because of all the illegal democratic activities but voted anyway. You call President Trump a needy baby and only remind us of all the babies that feminists like Hillary killed.

By the way, here’s what real American thought of CNN at Trump’s latest rally, which he attended rather than the Correspondents’ Dinner:

So be paranoid, CNN, get mad and make speeches, pretending to know what is moral and upright because your actions speak far louder than words. The same is true of Americans everywhere, because yes Trump won, but I’d have to say that probably his greatest assets were his corrupt opponent Hillary and news media like CNN. You hit it too hard guys, you pushed the envelope and woke America up to your lies. So you can keep blowing smoke if you want, but the people have spoken, and that’s one freedom that you haven’t been able to revoke yet, so you’re kinda stuck now.

(H/T: Right Wing News)