Watch As Every Democrat Throws Hillary Clinton Under The Bus. I Can’t Stop Cheering!

Democrats are largely wrong in many ways. Sometimes, there is a glimmer of hope though. Maybe it’s a bipartisan agreement that benefits the greater good in this wonderful country of ours. Other times it’s Dems realizing the evil in their own party and trying to get rid of it.

Such is the case with the whole Hilary Clinton email scandal. Political pundit Chuck Todd is the host of NBC’s “Meet the Press” which airs each weekend. Below see him stunned at the ease of finding other liberal Democrats willing to speak out against Clinton.

(Source: News Busters)

What’s particularly interesting about him being shocked is that most people believe this to be a witch hunt by the GOP to oust Clinton while making her look bad. In reality, it was the Obama administration turning on its own party as they were the ones who initiation the investigation!

The New Busters article referenced above goes on to say,

Later in the segment, longtime reporter Jeff Greenfield accused Clinton of having a ‘tin ear’ when it comes to her handling of her e-mails and rejected her campaign comparing her private e-mail server with those that Republican governors have used in the past: ‘And I’m thinking, did they [Republican governors] deal with classified material, with CIA matters, with — no. They were dealing with, how do we fix the off-ramp off exit 70. It’s the tin ear quality of so much of what the Clinton — Mrs. Clinton has exhibited this campaign, the 2008 campaign. The distinction between her and her husband is monumental in terms of a kind of natural ability to deal with this.’

We couldn’t agree more. Hilary is not ready for the White House with all these lies and deceit!