Watch As A Boat Unloads HUNDREDS Of Illegals Onto A Beach. Is It Too Late For Us?

Many have wondered what America would look like if we had completely open borders.  What if we were in a land where anyone could come, stay as long as they like and never have to register or be vetted or go through any sort of process to keep up with who is where.

We can guess what it would be like, or we can look at countries where it’s happening. Many European countries have taken a very liberal stance on immigration and have been flooded with immigrants over the past few years. In return for their hospitality, they’ve received increased crime and terrorism, as well as the desecration of their once beloved cities and landmarks.

While we’d like to believe that no one would ever take advantage of those open borders without a good reason, it’s hard to see videos, like this one from Spain, without wondering what the intentions of all these outsiders are.

The thing about opening up your country to anyone who wants to come is that once you’ve taken yourself out of the position of power to stem the flow when needed, no one else is going to do it. If you open the gates of a civilized western country to those who have brought their own culture down to a level where no one wants to live in it, you’re bound to have some problems when the majority finally leans to those who are uncivilized.

Hopefully, when you see these people fleeing their raft, you do feel some compassion for them. If they’re truly running for their lives from a country where they’ve been harmed, we should feel bad for them. The question we have to ask is; what caused that country to go so far down hill? The obvious answer is that the people brought it down. The middle east in the 60’s and 70’s would have resembled any western country, but the dictators and their religion moved it backward into violence.

No one is saying that legitimate refugees shouldn’t be given support and help. However, the problem is when they bring with them the things that made their country uninhabitable. You’ve heard people say that your biggest problem is in the mirror? We just want to make sure that refugees coming to the United States are seeking refuge from problems that were put upon them by someone else, not problems that they started, and will start again.

(H/T: Red State Watcher)