Watch Anderson Cooper’s Face When He Realizes Trump Was Right About Obama’s Wiretapping

The mainstream media has really been batting a thousand lately. Between anti-climactic tax returns and their constant directing of attention back to whatever new ploy the DNC puts out to try and discredit Trump, they’re fast losing credibility.

They always love it when the President is right about some of his predictions. That was especially true of his wiretapping claim. That was a real double punch in the gut for many liberals, since it is not only proving President Trump to be right, but it’s painting their precious Obama in a very bad light.

Anderson Cooper is no exception to the kind of anchor who wants to see Trump go down in the worst way. He seems to even be willing to torpedo his own career to do it. He went on his show to read this tweet from Bill Mitchell.

Obviously, the plan was going to be to make fun of it, but half way through the whole attempt really falls flat. I’m not sure if the ridiculousness finally dawned on him half way through, or if he just caught the sound of his own annoying voice in his earpiece, but it’s safe to say that this segment didn’t go as he had planned.

Bill Mitchell said it best in another tweet.

Yes, he does, doesn’t he. And he’s not stopping anytime soon.

The failing left would do well to take some advice from my good friend Elsa and just “let it go” when it comes to this frigid attitude toward Trump because you can’t hold him back anymore. Here we stand in the light of day, we’re aboard the Trump Train and the cold never bothered us anyway.

(Source: Red State Watcher)