Watch: Al Franken Attacks Jeff Sessions Right On The Senate Floor… Big Mistake

The Democrats are determined to keep their Russia narrative alive, despite the fact that the only evidence to emerge thus far points not to Trump, but to Clinton and Obama colluding with the Kremlin.

Even so, they bury all those reports, like the uranium Obama and Clinton gift-wrapped for Putin several years ago. Because this kind of info rarely sees the light of day, they press on with their baseless claims that Trump and members of his administration solicited Russia’s help in the 2016 elections.

The latest example of their dead-horse beating came on Wednesday, when former “comedian” Al Franken, the leftist senator from Minnesota, attacked AG Jeff Sessions over his supposed communications with the Russians.

As reported at Fox News, in response to Franken’s brazen attacks on the AG’s prior testimony concerning his relations with the Kremlin, Sessions hit back at the clown, which resulted in several feisty exchanges.

Franken accused Sessions of changing his story on his Moscow communications, which was a not-so-subtle accusation of lying to the American people and committing perjury.

The goal post has been moved. First it was ‘I did not have communications with Russians’ – which was not true. Then it was ‘I never met with Russians to discuss any political campaign’ –  which may or may not be true. Now it is ‘I did not discuss interference in the campaign’ which further narrows your initial blanket denial about meeting with the Russians,” Franken said.

An obviously furious Sessions responded, “Without hesitation, I conducted no improper discussions with Russians at any time regarding a campaign or any other item facing this country.”

Before Sessions could continue, Franken tried to bombard him with more ludicrous accusations, to which Sessions interjected.

Mr. Chairman, I do not have to sit in here and listen to his charges without having a chance to respond. Give me a break,” Sessions said, noting that Franken’s “lead in” to his questioning was “very, very troubling,” and that he needed more time to respond than what he was given.

Franken’s “evidence” is a report that was published around the time of Sessions’ testimony this summer. It alleged that US intelligence agencies had intercepted Russian communications that shed light on “substantive discussions on policy matters important to Moscow.” Sessions, at the time, said he “did not have any private meetings” and he didn’t “recall any conversations with any Russian officials at the Mayflower Hotel.”

Franken claimed that the Department of Justice never even responded to the report, which isn’t true.

After Sessions’ testimony on Wednesday, DoJ told Fox News that Franken’s claim that they “declined to comment on the veracity” of a July 21, 2017 Washington Post accusing Sessions of meeting the Russian ambassador at the Mayflower Hotel and discussing the Trump campaign was “not accurate.”

No matter what Sessions said, Franken continued his attacks on him, barely giving him any time to respond and acting like his meager responses were proof of guilt. It’s a pathetic tactic that tries to make the person being questioned look like they cannot come up with proper answers.

But Sessions wasn’t about to let Franken get away with his slanderous accusations. The AG bashed Franken for having “10 minutes” of “improperly framing” the situation and his responses.

I have committed myself to a high level of public service to reach the highest level of ethics and decency in my service,” Sessions said. “You have now gone through this long talk that I believe is totally unfair to me.”

Franken is a disgrace to Congress and was just trying to score points with the radical Left. They have nothing to prove any of their wild claims about the Trump administration, yet Democratic politicians and their willing servants in the media press on with the deceitful narrative. It’s propaganda and a witch hunt, plain and simple.

Source: Fox News