Was CNN Caught Faking A “Peaceful Muslim” Protest After The London Attack?

Apparently, the media is getting disturbingly desperate to push the agenda of moderate Muslims, since they’re not creating the news, not just filming it. We’ve seen reports of big organizations hiring protesters and pay them by the day to demonstrate, but now, even their crooked methods are getting lazy, they’re not even keeping their actors on site all day, just while the cameras are rolling.

Below is a video of a CNN live reporting session where it looks as though they’re piecing together a vigil, handing out signs, arranging flowers, etc. They’re, of course, only putting in people wearing traditional Muslim garb, and they’re even showing off some small children in the front.

CNN of course categorically denies this, however, they don’t really give an explanation as to what is going on here.

It’s sad to see just how far these news companies have fallen. They’ve gone from being a valuable resource to help inform those who aren’t able to see major events in person, to just let themselves be sold to the highest political bidder and used as a propaganda mill.

It’s sad, but it’s a truth that you and I must deal with if we want to know what the facts are. It turns out that we might all need to listen to what we were told as kids; believe nothing that you hear and only half of what you see.