Wait…Is Homer Simpson A Radical Muslim Now? WTF?!

Our culture is infected with radical Islam. It’s like a violent disease that’s crept upon us unawares. Even our TV shows aren’t safe. One of the most successful comedies of all time, the Simpsons, is rife with allusions to Islam.

During one episode, Homer Simpson is glimpsed reading a Koran. The image only lasts for a moment. Are the writers trying to imply that Homer is secretly a Muslim? While it’s possible, it’s probably not the case, but it shows the absurd liberal sensibilities at play in much of the show’s writing.

Later in the series, Homer is caught on his knees in what looks like a prayer position, leading daughter Lisa to conclude that he’s converted to radical Islam and engaging in a terror plot to blow up the nuclear plant where he works.

While this doesn’t pan out as Homer being an actual terrorist, it certainly tries to make light of something actually occurring in Western civilization, with deadly results.

Islamic militants are doing so much damage to the world that the Simpson’s “joke” isn’t really that far-fetched. As we’ve seen over the past years, thousands of radical Muslims are willing to blow innocent people up in the name of Allah.

Interestingly, twelve years ago a popular network in the Middle East decided to air carefully edited versions of the Simpsons. The humorous show was repackaged for a religious audience. The strange mutation struggled on for 34 episodes before being canceled.

“Homer Simpson became Omar Shamshoon. Marge was transformed into Mona. Lisa was renamed Bessa. Bart went by Badr. Nuclear power plant boss Mr. Burns was Mahrooey Bey, while his sidekick Smithers now answered to Salmawy …To avoid potentially offending the audience, none of the characters drank alcohol. This meant that all scenes at Moe’s Tavern were cut…”

In other words, Arabs watched a watered-down version of the Simpsons where every scene that was remotely funny or interesting was edited out. No wonder nobody watched it. Even extremists probably have too much taste to watch a cartoon about Omar Shamshoon drinking juice and praying to Allah.

“The show was not a big success. Otherwise, of course, we would have continued to do another season. I would say it was fairly received, but average. This made us reconsider.” Badih Fattouh, the head of acquisitions and drama commissioner for the network, said.

(Source: Mental Floss)