VIDEO: Trump UNLOADS On Protesters: “They Should Be ASHAMED Of Themselves!”

We’ve all seen the images and videos of anti-Trump protesters spewing nothing but hateful and spiteful rhetoric, but the ones taking place in Indiana were a bit different. You see, Indiana is a hotbed for illegal alien activity and has a large Mexican population.

As the left has branded Donald Trump as a racist against Mexicans, it stands to their idiotic reasoning that anyone supporting Trump should be treated as sub-human. That’s why you see vile actions such as children cursing and flipping off Trump supporters before a rally, starting fights with people they don’t agree with, flying Mexican flags, and burning American ones.

You see, they take advantage of the liberals that shield them and say that everyone else is racist, in order to turn America into a safe haven for illegal immigrants and those who would never, ever assimilate into our society.

Here’s the video of people in Indiana protesting. Be forewarned, there is strong language coming from minors:

This is not only disrespectful, but a sign of exactly how liberal parents teach their kids to interact with people who think differently. Do you see kids of Trump supporters lining up and flipping the bird? Of course not – but you do see this in droves on the other side. Donald Trump went on Fox News to clear the air about these protesters, and says it eloquently – the parents of the kids should be ashamed of themselves.

According to Trump,

“When I see young children like that with a foul mouth … the parents ought to be ashamed of themselves, frankly.”

As a father that has raised incredibly successful children, Donald Trump should be taken at his word against these nonsensical liberals who want nothing more than to start a riot, but be painted as victims at the same time.

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(Source: YouTube)