VIDEO: Ted Cruz ELBOWS HIS WIFE IN THE FACE After Losing In Indiana! WHAT??!!

If you don’t know by now that Trump had beaten Cruz so badly into submission and is going to be the GOP nominee, then I feel bad for you as you’ve been living under a rock or in a cave somewhere.

Luckily, we’re here to bring you not only that good news, but hilariously awkward news as well. Once Cruz learned his fate, he gave a rousing speech telling us that he’s packing it in and calling it a campaign. He never really had a realistic shot anyway considering that Trump has pretty much the entire body of Republican voters on his side.

Here’s Cruz’s full speech.

Here’s a bit more that many haven’t seen yet.

Notice what happened right around the 2:30 mark. It’s not uncommon for candidates to hug and shake hands with those that supported them after they’ve lost. But this has to be the largest round of awkward man hugs I’ve ever seen. And what’s even worse that you probably didn’t catch, was Cruz dropping a people’s elbow directly into his wife’s face. Brutal.

Talk about adding injury to insult. Goodbye Ted Cruz. We hardly knew ye. And we like it that way.

(Source: YouTube)