Vegas Shooter’s Prescription Meds May Explain A Lot – New Report

Stephan Paddock, the monster who catapulted himself to the annals of the most hated men in America this week, was prescribed anti-anxiety medication over the summer.

Obviously, it didn’t work. It’s unknown if Paddock was taking his pills correctly, or if he had been diagnosed with a mental illness. The Henderson, Nevada doctor’s office that wrote the prescription declined to comment on his case.

Paddock killed 58 people. 58 innocent mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses. He fired indiscriminately into a crowd of festival-goers. The carnage was so bloody, so horrific that people are desperate for answers. Why did he do it?

Paddock’s battle with mental illness may have contributed to his breakdown, but it’s no excuse. There are millions of ways to deal with anxiety, and spraying an automatic assault rifle into a crowd isn’t one of them.

(Source: New York Post)