After Vegas Massacre, Trump Admin Makes Huge 2nd Amendment Announcement

President Trump’s stance on the second amendment hasn’t wavered. His administration is committed to upholding the constitution.

Democrats, on the other hand, are once again yodeling for gun control. A horrific massacre unfolded at a Las Vegas concert venue Sunday night, killing almost 60 people and wounding hundreds more.

It’s easy to blame the violence on gun laws, but the person who’s guilty is 64-year-old, Stephen Paddock. Not the NRA. Not conservatives.

“The president is clear that he’s been a strong supporter of the Second Amendment,” press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Monday.

“I think one of the things that we don’t want to do is try to create walls that won’t stop these things from happening, and as you look to Chicago where you had 4,000 victims of gun-related crimes, they have the strictest gun laws in the country and that certainly hasn’t helped there.”

Gun control isn’t the answer. Europeans have learned that the hard way, as their once safe cities have repeatedly been targeted by gun-wielding terrorists. Nobody knows caused Paddock to lash out so violently.

“There’s a time and place for a political debate, but now is the time to unite as a country. There’s currently an open and ongoing law enforcement investigation,” Sanders continued.

“A motive is yet to be determined and it would be premature for us to discuss policy when we don’t fully know all of the facts or what took place last night.”

(Source: New York Post)