US Marine Patrolling The Border Tells America The Secret That Trump Haters Will NEVER Admit

Border security is something that conservatives hold dear, and liberals have persecuted them for. Somehow, it’s become taboo to say that certain things that are against the law are also illegal. Seems like those two things should go hand in hand, but apparently when the left’s political agenda is on the line, it’s all flexible.

One former marine believes that this is way bigger than what the media would have you believe. According to him “they’re not coming here to wash dishes or cut anybody’s grass.”

It is more comfortable for us to assume that those sneaking into the United States are just enamored with our beautiful country and want to start a better life. We want to imagine pregnant mothers who flee sadness in order to work for the future of their children, and I’m sure there are some of those. The problem is, that for one, no matter how sympathetic that sounds, it’s still illegal.

You’re hearing from someone who’s been in the middle east that they hate us and the only reason for cordiality is so hey can use us. If that’s not proof enough that we need to close up our borders and have better vetting for those entering the country, I don’t know what is.  Many of those who even find legal ways into the U.S. are our enemies, but we’ve gotten so hung up on not racially profiling, that we want to ignore the threat until it’s too late.

We are all about to see just how much political correctness means to us, and we will probably get to see it in the form of a body count.

(Source: Youtube)