UPDATE: Missing Syrian Refugee Found In Washington, D.C. Liberals Aren’t Reporting It!

After a Syrian refugee went missing in Louisiana Last week, he has been found…all the way in Washington, D.C.

Liberals are silent on this one and I’m not surprised at to why. They’re the ones that want to support Obama in his refugee crusade. It’s going to be virtually impossible to track more than 30,000 Syrian immigrants, no matter how good your vetting process might be. And you have stories like above, when not many are coming in at all, and one just goes missing for days. Imagine in that was an ISIS operative. Imagine the damage they could have done.


Well now we have confirmation that this wasn’t one of those cases. Thank God.

Catholic Charities, the group who helped the refugee resettle in the states, lost track of the Syrian man when he left their center to go about what we can only assume was his plan all along. The charity told WBRZ on Monday that they didn’t know where he went and insisted that it’s not there responsibility to keep track of him. Now, they’re admitting what they didn’t seem to want to divulge earlier — where he went and who he’s been meeting.

The group told the local news station that the missing refugee, who was under their watch for a couple of months, is currently en route to Washington D.C., where he intends to meet up with family who is there, claiming he wasn’t technically missing since he had informed them he was leaving and where he was going.

So why is this a big deal? It wasn’t a terrorist this time, but next time it might be.

The fact that they know he’s headed to our nation’s capital and that there are other Syrians waiting for him there, brings about a chilling reality of what ISIS threatened this week in the wake of the Paris terror attack.

The refugee’s escape eerily coordinates with the taped threat released recently by terrorists, who vowed to attack Washington D.C. and New York, just as they did in Paris. This is exactly what governors who are refusing to accept refugees are worried about and conservatives have warned of, since America put the welcome mat out for these terrorists.

And this is exactly right. We have no idea what these people will do when they are here. They could be ISIS supporters and lying to the government. This should be a sobering reminder that when you let refugees into this country, you don’t know what they’re going to do!

(Source: Mad World News)