University Forces White Students To Apologize For Being White

As if being white in America today didn’t come with enough guilt and complications, certain universities are now actually holding events to try and beat it into the “white identified” even further.

The first question I have about that would be to ask who gets to do the identifying. That seems like it could really get tricky. But even if we all agree on that, I haven’t heard any noise about having classes for the African-American community, to teach them how to be a good ally to the police. Seems like a bit of a double standard.

This revolting new development is taking place at the University of Iowa where they have a plan to fix these gross injustices.

Via The College Fix:

Headed up by the university’s Chief Diversity Office, the event in late March had an expressed aim for “White identified people to discuss Whiteness and its privileges with other White people. This can be the first step to eliminating tokenism and increasing responsibility among allies to eliminate racism,” according to a flier promoting the event.

“White Identity is often left out of the ‘diversity’ conversation but is a crucial part of people and allyship. Creating a space where White-identified folks can discuss this, teach and learn from each other can address different challenges in eliminating racism,” according to a campus document obtained by The College Fix explaining the event.

“We are all part of the solution,” the document added, “and this opportunity to discuss the role of Whiteness in racial justice is an important one.”

Apparently this is their solution to help their genetically guilty to “stay woke” and properly subservient to those who identify as another race. It seems that those of minority decent in America today are really cashing in on what they see as an exploitable weakness in white people who have too much guilt.

You may have seen this video before, dealing what black privilege looks like, but it’s good enough to bear another look.

But isn’t equality supposed to be the beautiful thing about America? We’re supposed to all be equal, but it appears that the not so silent minority won’t be happy till white people are stomped on and have paid for the sins of their fathers.

(Source: The College Fix)