Undercover Cop At San Jose Anti-Trump Riot Comes Forward, Says “We Were Running For Our Lives”

Recently, Donald Trump spoke at a rally preceding the California primary. His rally took place in San Jose, California, a city with a large Mexican and illegal immigrant population. Things did not exactly go as planned.

Before, during and after the rally, protesters (if you can call them that) chucked anything they could find at Trump supporters, beat them, sucker-punched them, ripped off their clothes, sexually assaulted women, stole their personal belongings, and vandalized their cars. This, to most people, would be called a riot.

As liberals downplayed the actions, a police report filed by an undercover cop, has come forward detailing his interactions with the “protesters, and it’s not pretty. Here’s a snippet:

If you’re interested in reading the entire police report, here it is, unedited and uncensored:

via (Link: www.scribd.com)