UK Leader CONFIRMS That American Politics Are RIGGED And Hillary PULLS THE STRINGS

If you haven’t heard of Nigel Farage, you’re about to be one of his biggest fans. Farage was the leader and ultimate architect of the Brexit campaign when the UK left the European Union (EU).

Liberals said that the exit of Britain from the EU would unleash all hell upon the country and that it would descend into chaos. So far, not even close to being the case. And Farage is essentially the Donald Trump of Britain with similar policies and ideologies. He’s even appeared with Trump at a recent rally. But it’s what he said about Hillary Clinton that is making us cheer, especially because he’s a Trump fan.

Check out his epic Hillary snub!

Brexit movement leader Nigel Farage spoke to Stuart Varney about speaking at a rally for Donald Trump yesterday in Mississippi.

Farage told the crowd that he wouldn’t vote for Hillary Clinton if anyone paid him to do it. He said that there are clear parallels between the establishment opposition to the Brexit and Donald Trump.

“What I was saying to Trump supporters last night was whatever gets said in the next 73 days in this campaign, even if they tell you that Donald can’t win, don’t believe them, because what we saw was a deliberate attempt to fiddle the (poll) figures. Luckily, we ignored it and we beat them.”

“If I was an American citizen, I wouldn’t vote for Hillary.”

Damn straight! We aren’t going to either because we know how horrible she would be for America and the world. Farage noted that Obama declared the UK leaving the EU as horrible and that America would drop them as an ally in several respects. Still hasn’t happened. The UK is still flourishing under the no-EU format.

Trump would bring a similar change to the American culture. If it’s working for the Brits and their country hasn’t crumbled, then we have absolutely nothing to lose voting for Trump.

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