Tucker Carlson Made This Trump-Hating DNC Staffer Admit That He’s A Clueless Idiot On Live TV

If you’ve ever tried to have a debate with someone who’s firmly in the liberal camp, you’ve probably found yourself in need of a map after they led you in circle after circle with their party platform. They spout these lofty goals, but the implementation plan is one that a child would be able to see the flaws in.

I don’t blame them, they’re just doing what a lot of Americans do and repeating the platitudes handed to them by the people who are supposed to be smarter, who are running the party. When you realize that, you have to ask yourself if there’s anyone who knows what’s going on over at the DNC.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson invited the former deputy press secretary for the DNC to talk with him about the possible mission change of the DNC, and as usual, we found the source of some of the liberal rhetoric.

Via Fox News Insider:

Following another special election loss for Democrats, Tucker Carlson hosted a Democrat tonight to debate if the party needs a new message and new leadership.

Jose Aristimuno, former deputy press secretary for the Democratic National Committee, argued that Republican Karen Handel’s four-point victory over Democrat Jon Ossoff was much closer than it should have been, which bodes well for Democrats.

“Republicans keep losing their base. We are gaining momentum. We are going to win the House in 2018, I’m telling you,” Aristimuno said.

Tucker said that Republicans would likely be happy to hear Aristimuno’s remarks, since it appears he’s calling for the status quo in his party to continue.

“Numbers matter. Karen Handel won a higher percentage of the vote than Donald Trump won in that same district,” Tucker pointed out. “So actually, you’re moving in the wrong direction. But you don’t see any need for a course correction at all?”


Aristimuno said it’s not as much about pushing out established party leadership – like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – and changing course, but recruiting “young blood” for the party.

Tucker argued that the problem is that Democrats don’t have any platform to run on besides opposing President Trump.

I think we should take a moment to just appreciate the way Carlson always does his homework. I don’t know about you, but he pretty much always asks the questions that I wish someone would ask. OK, moving on.

Aristimuno doesn’t seem to be ready to admit that his party has a problem. He, simultaneously, says that they’re perfect, but they plan to change. I don’t think America would hold it against them if they admitted that they might have done a few things wrong. But, as with their former presidential candidate and her flaws, apparently, the party line on wrong-doing is “deny, deny, deny, even when you’re caught in the act.”

It’s difficult to imagine the rationalization for saying that Pelosi is more relevant than President Trump, but that’s the propaganda being put out there. Pelosi seems to be having trouble even keeping her thoughts together these days, while President Trump ran on a platform that appealed to more people than anyone in decades. President Trump may have money, but it’s because he made it himself, and he understands the value of it, not because he quit working a regular job and started living off of tax dollars.

Overall, you probably could have seen the flaws in this logic on your own, without me, considering how transparently manipulative the DNC is being and how well Carlson pointed it out. My only complaint would be that if they actually listen to what people like him are saying, they might actually turn the party around and win the next election, and that would give us a whole new set of problems to deal with.

(Source: Fox News Insider