Tucker Carlson Explains Why Islamophobia Is A Big Fat Lie

As if the impulsive aggressive nature of the anti-Trump “resistance” wasn’t bad enough, now apparently there’s a move to hone their skills and give them an edge in the impending uprising.

Liberals and prominent Muslim groups in Chicago, of all places, are pushing the idea that the hate crimes there and across the nation are stemming primarily from the white supremacist.  I’m not sure what kind of data these numbers are coming from, but I’m going to emulate our President and call “fake news” on that.

Via Fox News:

An “Antifa” group in Chicago plans to open a gym to train members for potential clashes with Trump supporters, Tucker Carlson reported.

A woman who used the assumed pseudonym “Naila” told Carlson that “certain bodies are vulnerable to certain attacks.”

She said that there was recently a 20 percent rise in hate crimes both in Chicago and nationwide.

Carlson asked how that number’s importance compared to Chicago’s more than 2,000 shootings in 2017.

“Your fears may be a little overblown,” he said. “How many of the 2,000 shootings were carried out by right-wingers?”

Naila said she was “more interested in hate crimes,” saying that the gym’s purpose will be to “grow strength together.”

The reason those numbers are such a big deal is that if someone is preparing for war and they want the support of public opinion, the efforts need to look like self-defense. If the average American hears that Muslims are preparing to fight, they’re going to be concerned. If that knowledge is tempered by the idea that they just want to defend themselves, the concern can be tempered.

No one in their right mind is against self-defense. Medical professionals and laymen alike would rather have less weak people around. The problem lies in those who have a victim complex, and are being lied to thinking that they have a physical enemy when it’s really an ideological enemy.

Someone learning Brazilian Jujitsu because they want to be prepared for any situation is a whole lot different than a group getting together with a common enemy and learning to fight that enemy in a very physical way.

Sadly, it seems like many of the Muslims and other anti-Trumpers actually believe that they will be harmed by those who support the President. Of course there are radicals in any group that probably would harm them, as with any group, and if that happens a person should defend themselves in any way possible. But the lying and propaganda that is getting an entire segment of the population, and one who was already prone to violence, out to practice their fighting skills in public, is setting the entire country up for failure.

Flipping the script was a fantastic idea on the part of the Muslim community, but let’s not forget who’s holy book says that people need to be put to death, and who’s holy book says to turn the other cheek.

(Source: Fox News