Trump’s Veteran Fund Raiser Gave HOW MUCH To Veterans!? This Is INCREDIBLE!

Donald Trump seems not only to be a man with great integrity, but a man that also has a huge heart.

Despite his feud with Fox News, Trump put on quite the show last night when he hosted his own event instead of attending the last Republican debate. This choice was panned by nearly every political pundit, Republican or liberal.

However, given that he decided to do this on his own and have it as a benefit for veterans speaks volumes to his character and patriotism. And now we have a final tally from the event.

And it’ll blow your mind.


An unbelievable night in Iowa with our great Veterans! We raised $6,000,000.00 while the politicians talked! #GOPDebate

Posted by Donald J. Trump onĀ Thursday, January 28, 2016

WOW! Trump already had my vote, but now it’s a guarantee. Are you voting for Trump? Let’s hear it in the comments below!

(Source: Facebook)